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When camels roamed the Arctic - John Gosse article in Dal News

Giant Camels in the Artic - John Gosse interviewed on CBC Information Morning (NS)

EARTH (Excellence and Achievement in Research, Teaching, and Helping) Accolades

March, 2013

The Dalhousie Earth Sciences team of Natasha Morrison, Colin Price, Adi Saric, Carlos Wong and Alex Hurley (Oceanography) won the AAPG IBA competition in Calgary and will be representing Canada at the Internationl competition in Pittsburgh in May. There are +120 teams competing globally. The Canadian competition included teams from the universities of Calgary, Alberta, Western and Memorial. Last year our students were second.

On a side note this is a graduate competition and 4 of our 5 team members are 3rd year students and carrying a full course load.


John Gosse - Congratulations on your excellent efforts, along with your colleagues at the Canadian Museum of Natural History, in outreach and public awareness associated with the publication of your article in Nature Communications on the Arctic camel fossil discovery.

Shannon Sterling - Congratulations to you and your students, Jeff Minichiello, Maria Armstrong, and Kelly Biagi, on your recent community outreach efforts concerning river acidification problems and mitigation opportunities, presented at a workshop at the New Germany high school last week (March 6).

Grant Wach - Congratulations on another successful Petroleum Geoscience Field Methods course in Trinidad.

Mike Young - Thank you for arranging an alumni pub night at PDAC, and for your heroic fund-raising efforts on behalf of the Advanced Field School at PDAC and elsewhere.


Siobhan McGoldrick and Svieda Ma have been awarded NSERC-USRAs for 2013, and Sean Des Roches is on the wait-list for 2nd-year students. In addition, Siobhan McGoldrick received a Sobey's scholarship, which is an additional amount awarded to the top students in the USRA competition each year.

Natasha Morrison has been accepted for the SIFT programme in Calgary this spring.

February, 2013

Dave Scott and Franco Medioli (Emeritus) have been awarded the Geological Society of America Cushman Foundation Distinguished Career Award for their achievements and contributions to micropaleontology. The award will be presented at the GSA Annual Meeting in the fall.

Grant Wach is congratulated for helping to organise the very successful AGS meeting 1-2 February. Grant will also be the AGS President for the coming year. Grant has also been awarded the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG) Volunteer Award.

Mike Young and John Gosse
have worked out an agreement with the Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office and Nunavut Research Institute to provide geoscience training to two Arctic College students at the Advanced Field School this year. This is an excellent outreach and educational initiative that may be continued in future years.

Martin Gibling has had a fossil named for him. Capitaspis gibling is a late Silurian (Pridolian) ostracoderm fish from the Somerset Island Formation in the Canadian Arctic.


Congratulations to our AGS student award winners!

Dawn Tobey (BSc supervisor G Wach) and Evan Slater (BSc supervisor M Zentilli) shared the Rupert McNeil Award for the best undergraduate presentation.

Lea Braschi (MSc supervisor J Gosse) won the award for the best poster presentation.

Angeliki Papoutsa (PhD supervisor G Pe-Piper) received an honorable mention for the Graduate Student Presentation award.

Other student achievements:

Svieda Ma will attend S-IMEW (Student-Industry Mineral Exploration Workshop) this year.

Joanna Gerlings (PhD, Louden) successfully defended her thesis on Jan. 28.

January, 2013

Thanks to Grant Wach, Djordje Grujic, Mladen Nedimovic, and Chris Beaumont for their contributions to the NSERC IRC site visit on Nov. 13.

Thanks to Grant Wach, Sheila Lucas, and Kristie McVicar for organising the showing of SWITCH at Ondaatje Hall on Nov. 6. About 250 people attended the showing, which was followed by a lively panel discussion and question period.

James Boxall, Director, GIS Centre, and part-time academic lecturer in Earth Sciences (GEOG 1035) was awarded the Geographic Literacy Award for 2012 by the Canadian Council for Geographic Education. The award is presented annually to an individual who has made significant contributions to geographic literacy in Canada.

Graduate Students
Darragh O'Connor (M.Sc. candidate with Grant Wach), and his partner Adrian Smith (UWO & UCalgary), won the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) international challenge bowl at the international convention in Las Vegas.

Ryan Kressall (Ph.D. candidate with Yana Fedortchouk) received a medal for his M.Sc. thesis at U. Manitoba (details pending).

Holly Steenkamp (MSc, 2012) successfully defended her M.Sc. thesis on Nov. 30 (supervisor Rebecca Jamieson).

Saad Mohamed (PhD, 2012) successfully defended his PhD thesis on Dec. 14 (supervised by Dave Scott).

Calvin Campbell (PhD, 2012) received the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists award for best PhD thesis of 2012 (supervised by Dave Mosher and Grant Wach).

Thanks to Ann Bannon, Darlene Van de Rijt, Norma Keeping, Tom Duffett, and John Thibodeau for helping out in various ways with the IRC Site Visit on Nov. 13, and to Ann Bannon in particular for organising the almost instant clean-up in the Tectonic Analogue Modelling lab following the second major flood there in 6 months.

Alumni News
Kangsoo Choo, ( M.Sc., 1972), will recieve an Honourary Degree from Dalhousie University, during the May convocation.

Susan R. Eaton, ( BSc. (Homours), 1980) is a geologist, geophysicist, journalist and 'extreme' snorkeler with an intense curiosity about planetary processes, the marine environment, climate change and global sustainability issues. A blog of her many exploits can be followed at: susanreaton.com/

Johjn R. Dickie (MSc. 1990) has written a nonfiction account of the sinking of the La Tribune in Halifax Harbour in 1797

Kathryn Sullivan (PhD. 1978), appointed as assistant secretary of commerce for environmental observation and prediction for NOAA

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